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Select your pictures with sizes and resolutions you want from our photo library

and we will make it the way you like to see on your screen!

Meanwhile there is a FREE SCREENSAVER for Windows for you to download.

Note 1: On Downloaded File: The Screensavers is in a zip file, unzip it and copy it ( the file is called 'mix4.scr')onto your system file (location: C:/windows/ system). Then go to 'Control Panel', select 'Display' and select 'Screensaver' from the top menu and select the file 'mix4' from the drop down list. Click 'Preview' to see, and if you like it, click OK. If you do not like it, go back to your system folder and delete it!

Note 2: On Downloaded File: When you download this file from us, you are at your own risk and that we can not be held responsible for any damages to your computer system that might occur. We can not see any reason why it should, but just in case :-).

This Screensaver is for Windows Users ONLY (1,816kb)

If you have not got a software to unzip a file, then try to download it from a link below, and save it on disk.



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