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Originally from Queensland, Australia, Cameron's passion for photography developed whilst living along the fringe of the Daintree Rainforest in Tropical Nth Queensland; "I fell in love with the diversity of the area, the rainforest cascading down to connect with the Great Barrier Reef - a vast ecosystem all working in perfect harmony. It seemed natural to pick up a camera and try to capture what I was so in awe of".

In '97 Cameron sought inspiration elsewhere; indigenous peoples, culture and historical architecture was now the motivation behind his photography; he's spent the past four years traversing in and out of SE Asia, photographing it's people, their lifestyle and a legacy of temples like 'Bagan' in Myanmar and 'The Angkor Kingdom' of Cambodia. "Sure, the temples are built to exceptional detail – nothing short of perfection, but it's the people and their gracious nature that keeps me coming back - and of course, the cuisine"!

Cameron can be contacted via email cameronhansen@lastrefuge.co.uk. He's available for photographic commissions world wide and welcomes the opportunity to be involved with charitable projects. He recently returned from Cambodia where he worked with 'Servants to Asia's Urban Poor'- a team of dedicated people helping relieve the everyday strain of poverty and disease faced by so many Cambodian people.

Cameron has also exhibited work in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London – 'Canon Gallery'.

More information about Cameron and more images can be seen on his website: www.asianlight.net

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