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Sound Subject List

Ngorongoro Crater & Surrounded Areas

Aeroplane Ibis; Glossy Ibis
Atmosphere Ibis; Sacred Ibis
Atmosphere of open grassland Jackal; Golden Jackal
Atmosphere; After rain Jackal; Silver-backed Jackal
Atmosphere; Edge of Woodlands Kite; Black kite

Atmosphere; Night Atmosphere with cricket,
hyena, frog, hyrax etc.

Atmosphere; Woodland interior Lark; Red-caped Lark
Avocet Lark; Rufous-naped Lark
Baboon; Olive Baboon Lion
Barbett; White-headed Barbett Longclaw; Rosy-breasted Longclaw
Bat Owl
Bird Songs Pelican; Pink Pelican
Boubou; Tropical Boubou Pigeon; Speckled Pigeon
Buffalo; Cape Buffalo Plover; Blacksmith Plover
Bulbul; Common Bulbul Plover; Black-winged Plover
Bustard; Black-bellied Bustard Plover; Crowned Plover
Buzzard; Augar Buzzard Plover; Long-toed Plover
Cattle; Masai cattle Qualia
Cawing Rail
Cheetah Rain
Cisticola; Pectoral Patch Cisticola Raven; White-necked Raven
Crane; Crowned Crane Robin; White-browed Robin
Cricket Roller; Lilac-breasted Roller
Crow Sandgrouse; Yellow-throated Sandgrouse
Dove; Emerald-spotted Wood Dove Sandpiper; Wood Sandpiper
Dove; Laughing Dove Seed Eater
Dove; Red-eyed Dove Serval
Dove; Ring-necked Dove Shrike; Curly-crested Helmet Shrike
Duck; Yellow-billed Duck Stalk; Abdim Stalk
Eagle; Fish Eagle Starling; Superb Starling
Egret; Cattle Egret Stilt; Black-winged Stilt
Elephant Swallow; Barn Swallow
Finch; Fire Finch Teal; Red-billed Teal
Fiscal Shrike calls and quiet general atmosphere.
Flies in the foreground
Flamingo Tree Hyrax
Fly Vervet Monkey
Francolin Vulture
Frog Wagtail; Yellow Wagtail
Gazelle; Grant's Gazelle Warbler; Brown Woodland Warbler
Gazelle; Thomson's Gazelle Water
Goose; Egyptian Goose Water lapping
Grebe; Little Grebe Water; Dripping Water
Guinea Fowl; Helmeted Water; Running Water
Gull Weaver; Rufous-tailed Weaver
Hamerkop Weaver; Spekes Weaver
Hartebeest Wildebeest
Heron Wind
Hippopotamus Woodpecker
Hyena Zebra


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