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Last Refuge Ltd. Stock Film Footage Library

How to use the LAST REFUGE Ltd. Stock Library:

1. Click on Stock Film Library

2. Enter search keywords or browse each category. View the low resolution Quicktime ( link to quicktime player download, http://www.apple.com/uk/quicktime/download/ ) samples from clips, make a note of the shot id or timecode from the log.

3. Phone or E-mail us with a description of specific footage

4. Order a Screening VHS (pal) tape (£50) or DVD (£100), plus shipping (includes up to 30 minutes of time-coded sample footage).
Or, Request higher resolution Quicktime clips of the full shots you are interested in, on-line, for viewing the same day (£25 - £100, depending on number of clips).

5. Ask us for a quote:
Tell us the following details and we will fax or e-mail you a quote for licence fees and technical costs specific to your needs:

a. Type of production (e.g. Theatrical; Television; Commercial; Promo; Corporate; Non-Broadcast; etc.)
b. Media
c. Territory
d. Length of licence
e. Tape format

Remember to let us know any extra details, as they may affect the quote: e.g. type and amount of footage required (cost is reduced if ordering more than one minute); how the footage will be used: full screen; part screen; or background only for superimposition.

6. Order a sub-master tape
Tell us which shots you need with tape reference name and number, time-code, and description. All transfer and other costs associated with supplying a submaster will be charged. An estimate of cost can be provided when your order is placed. We will send you a copy of our Terms and Conditions- do we have this? which must be signed before we supply the submaster, although placement of your order implies acceptance.
Please note that a fee of US $150 or any amount up to the minimum licence fee quoted will be charged if a submaster is ordered but footage is not subsequently used in the final edit.

7. Tell us what you decide to use
We need to know the number of seconds of original source material used in your production with reference to our time codes and shot description so that we can license use of the footage. The licence fee depends upon the type of production and rights required. It is payable on the total number of seconds/shots used in the final cut of the production. A minimum licence fee of ten seconds is applied to each production. A copy of the final production should be sent to us for our reference to what has been used. Rights are licensed for non-exclusive use of footage as edited in one production only. Use of footage in trailers/promotions/title sequences for the production (other than the rights already quoted) are to be negotiated separately.

8. Please return a signed copy of our Film Release Agreement, with payment, and return all submaster tapes at this stage. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of business.
Contact Adrian Warren or Will Brett for further details.
Tel/Fax: (+44) (0)1934.712556
E-Mail: info@lastrefuge.co.uk

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E-mail: dae@sasyimages.com

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