Lightjet print

These Lightjet prints are actual photographic prints exposed by a Lightjet 5000 laser printer. The printer reads the information in a digital file, then uses lasers to expose the image onto Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This paper has been tested to be more archival than other popular color printing methods (lasting over 60 years without noticeable fading in controlled conditions), including Ilfochrome printing. Unlike inkjet prints, which lay ink on paper, Lightjet prints are made on light-sensitive photo paper, which is exposed with red, green and blue lasers.

Comparison of Lightjet prints with prints made through more traditional methods, like Ilfochrome

The chances of creating a spectacular Ilfochrome print are far more likely if you do your own printing, since it requires critical masking, dodging and burning. Since most photographers do not print their own work, printing in Ilfochrome can be a tedious, expensive and frustrating process. With digital printing, you are able to "proof" your images through a series of test proofs. You don't work with physical masks, and you don't need to physically dodge and burn each print in a traditional darkroom. Digital printing offers a way to correct color, contrast and sharpness, and to retouch areas of the photograph, then reproduce the finished image easily and consistently.

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