Mount Roraima, Venezuela
Mount Longonot, kenya
Gand Prismatic Hot Spring, Yellowstone Nat. Park, USA

AERIALS (by Countries A-Z)

Year taken
Base Jumping
Hot-air balloon
Imax Skydiving
Skydiving from Hot-air Balloon
Skydiving from plane
Australia Great Barrier Reef Landscape
Australia Heron Island Landscape
Australia Daintree, Queensland Mangrove and Rainforest
Australia Daintree, Queensland Tropical Rainforest
Australia Queensland Tropical Rainforest
Australia Victoria Eucalyptus Forest
Borneo Tropical Rainforest 1981
Brasil Amazon Amazon-Brasil Floodplain
Brasil Amazon Rain Forest
Brasil Rio Jurua Rain Forest
Brazil Amazon-Brazil Floodplain: Aerial
Brazil Amazon River with Oxbow
Brunai Temburoy Tropical Rainforest
Brunai Temburoy Tropical Rainforest: Aerial
Canada Bay of Fundy Mudflats
Canada Bay of Fundy Tidal Surge
Canada Bay of Fundy Tidal Whirlpool
Costa Rica Monteverde Cloud Forest
Cota Rica Tropical Rainforest
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Gulf of Tadjoura
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Lac Abbe (with Mineral Pillars)
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Landscape
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Lava Field
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Volcanic Landscape
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Volcano Adoukouba
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Volcanic Island
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Near Adoukouba New Fault Line
Djibouti/Ehiopia Border Red Sea Coast Ras Syan
Ecuador Cononaco Area Waorani Indian :Settlements from Air) 1983
Ecuador Cononaco Area Waorani Indian: oil Company Settlement 1993
Ecuador Cononaco Area Waorani Indian: Settlement at Cononaco Airstrip) 1993
Ecuador Cononaco Area Waorani Indian; Home of Tagaeri 1993
Ecuador Cononaco Area Waorani Indian; Maxus oil Company 1993
Ecuador Rio Cononaco Tropical Rainforest with Ox-Bow lake: Aerial
Ecuador Rio Cononaco Tropical Rainforest: Aerial
ENGLAND Over 600 locations, and to cover the whole England and Wales by the end of 2003
France Cap Blanc Nez Cliffs
Indonesia Halmahera Island Forest
Israel Negev Desert; Landscape from air
Israel Near Negev Desert Landscape with Migrating Storks from air
Israel Galilee Landscape 1974
Kenya Aerial: North Frontier
Kenya Mts. Kenya
Kenya Aberdare Highlands Aberdare Mts. Kenya
Kenya Aberdare Mts. Kenya Waterfall
Kenya African Rift Valley Lava Flow
Kenya African Rift Valley Mount Longonot
Kenya African Rift valley Mount Suswa
Kenya Hell's Gate Basalt Cliffs/ Lava
Kenya Mount Kenya Landscape 1977
Kenya Over Masai Mara Hot Air Balloon incl. with Wildebeest
Kenya Northern Frontier District View from the Air 1977
Kenya Rift Valley Landscape
Korea Mt. Changbaisan
Namibia Etosha Nat. Park Boundary Fence
Namibia Etosha Nat. Park Bushfire
Namibia Etosha Nat. Park Koakoland
Namibia Etosha Nat. Park Salt Pan
Namibia Etosha Nat. Park View of Etosha Nat Park from Air
Namibia Etosha Nat. Park Water Hole
Namibia Etosha Nat. Park Windmill
Namibia Near Opuwo Himba Settlements from Air
Papua New Guinea Rain Forest
Rwanda Virunga Volcanoes 1996
Rwanda Near Virunga Volcanoes Misty Forest Dawn 1991
Rwanda Nyungwe Forest Misty Forest 1990
Rwanda Virunga Volcanoes Mt. Karisimbi
Rwanda Virunga Volcanoes Mt. Mikeno
Rwanda Virunga Volcanoes Mt. Sabyinyo
Rwanda Virunga Volcanoes Visoke Crater Lake
South Africa Drakensberg Mts Landscape: Drakensberg Mts
Spain Pyranees Landscape
Surinam Tropical Rainforest
Switzerland Aerial: Alps from air
Tanzania African Rift Valley Aerial: Mount Lengai 1988
Tanzania African Rift Valley Aerial: Mount Lengai 1999
Tanzania African Rift Valley Lake Natron
Tanzania African Rift Valley Lake Natron (CU of Coloured Water)
Tanzania African Rift Valley Mount Lengai 1988
Tanzania African Rift Valley Mount Lengai 1999
Tanzania African Rift Valley Mount Lengai Crater
Tanzania Gomb Gomb Stream Nature Reserve, Landscape 1993
Tanzania Ngorongoro Masai Enclosure: from air 1998
Tanzania Ngorongoro Masai Village 1998
Tanzania Ngorongoro Crater Aerial; Ngorongoro Crater 1998
Tanzania Serengeti Landscape
Tanzania Serengeti Landscape after rain
USA Giant Sequoias
USA Idaho Lava Flow
USA Kings Canyon Nat. Park Glacial Valley
USA Kings Canyon Nat. Park Landscape
USA Montana Wheatfields
USA near Bakersfield, CA Oilfields
USA North Dakota Floods at Grand Forks 1997
USA Sequoia Nat. Park Forest
USA Sequoia Nat. Park Forest Fire
USA Sequoia Nat. Park Landscape
USA Yellowestone Nat. Park Fire Damage
USA Yellowestone Nat. Park Grand Prismatic Hotspring (incl. aerial views)
USA Yellowestone Nat. Park Landscape
Venezuela Angostura Bridge over Orinoco
Venezuela Ants; Leaf cutting
Venezuela Rain Forest
Venezuela Rain forest with Ox-Bows 1974
Venezuela Estado Bolivar Rainforest
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Auyantepui 1976
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Auyantepui 2000
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Forest and Tepuis
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Gran Sabana 1976
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Gran Sabana 2000
Venezuela Tepuis Autana Expedition 1985
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Autana 1985
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Kukenaam 2000
Venezuela Tepuis Aerial: Roraima 2000
Venezuela Tepuis Auyantepui Expedition 1976
Venezuela Tepuis Kukenaam Expedition 1981
Venezuela Tepuis Roraima Expedition 1971
Venezuela Tepuis Roraima Expedition 1974
Venezuela Tepuis Roraima Expedition 1974
Venezuela Tepuis NEWEST COLLECTION: We have a large collection of aerial pictures from the area (mainly of Angel Falls, Auyantepui, Roraima, Kukenaam and Surrounded areas) 2001
Venezuela Tepuis Sarisarinama Sink Hole 2000
Wales Aerial: Wind Turbines
Wales Aerial: Snowdonia
Wales Aerial : Brecon Beacons (under mist and clouds in Winter)
Wales Aerial : Brecon Beacons ( fields and patterns)

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