This page contains list of Invertebrate images held in our library (list by Names A- Z), and we are in the processing of linking subjects that have sample images displayed to their galleries. Since the process of linking to their sites is not quite finished yet, please check out our sample image galleries (there are now more than 3,000 high quality images, with highly organised subject list. We also frequently update our images, please come back soon for new images.

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Subject Area Country
Bee on Cornflower Poland
Beetle Cap Blanc Nez France
Beetles on Flower Italy
Beetles on flowers Cortina D' Ampezzo Italy
Beetle; Rhinoceros Beetle Camarata Venezuela
Beetle; Scarab Beetle Camarata Venezuela
Birdwing; Raja Brookes Birdwing Borneo
Butterfly on Flower Italy
Butterfly Swamp Amazonas Brazil
Butterfly; Black (Pedaliodes Roraimae) Venezuela
Butterfly; Swallowtail Amazonas Brazil
Caterpillar Camarata Venezuela
Caterpillars (group of Bombycine Caterpillars) Rio Jurua Brazil
Cicada Caracas Venezuela
Damsel Fly Coto De Donana Spain
Dragonfly Northern Kenya Kenya
Fly on Azalea England
Fly on leaf Calais France
Giant Millipede Venezuela
Lantern Fly Venezuela
Moth on Flower Cortina D' Ampezzo Italy
Moth; Atlas Moth Camarata Venezuela
Moth; Sphingid Moth Camarata Venezuela
Mygale Venezuela
Praying Mantis Berenty Madagascar
Praying Mantis Camarata Venezuela
Spider on Web Rio Jurua Brazil
Spider; Bird-eating Spider (Theraphosa) Rio Jurua Brazil
Stick Insect Rio Jurua Brazil
Termite Hill Tsavo Nat Park Kenya
Termite Mound Etosha Nat. Park Namibia
Termite Nest Venezuela
Termites Borneo

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