As a relative newcomer to photography, Will has experimented with many genres within his degree work and his own interests: "I have tried to explore the medium in as many ways possible. Starting from the basics of pinhole photography and making my own photographic surfaces, to using digital post production processes, I am continually developing and refining the communication of my ideas within the medium of photography".
Will Brett
Will currently lives in North Devon and also works as a pyrotechnician and lighting designer for Event Horizon Pyrotechnics. The company provides fireworks and laser shows and has recently diversified into special effects for the film industry. "This has proved a great opportunity to develop my work with time based media and capture some awe inspiring images".
One of his first projects was an expedition he undertook with a friend, driving from London to Cape Town in their Land rover. Along the way, Will formed a photo-diary of their progress, and also captured some of the diversity that the African continent has to offer. "We strayed as far as possible from the beaten track, I saw things that I could never describe in words alone and I hope my still photographs can communicate some of the majesty of the environments we encountered".

From London to Cape Town!



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