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How to use Boolean search:

The following examples demonstrate some search strings that use  boolean full-text operators:

roman shropshire

 Find results that contain at least one of the two words.

+roman +shropshire

 Find results that contain both words.

+roman shropshire

 Find results that contain the word “roman”, but  rank results higher if they also contain  “shropshire”.

+roman -shropshire

 Find results that contain the word “roman” but not  “shropshire”.

+roman +(>northumberland <shropshire)

 Find results that contain the words “roman” and  “northumberland”, or “roman” and  “shropshire” (in any order), but rank “roman northumberland” higher than “roman shropshire”.


 Find results that contain words such as “cambridge”,  “cambridgeshire.

"stealth bomber”

Enclosing a phrase with double quotes, find results that contain the exact phrase.

One problem we have got with our Boolean seach is that the database server we are using is a shared server and we can not configure it to index any words with less than 4 letters. If you have to search for 3 letter words please use our other searches here.

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