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Waorani Indian, Ecuador

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MWA dense rain forest with traditionally dressed Waorani man walking toward camera carrying blowgun over shoulder and dead wooly monkey over other shoulder using tail as carrying strap. Camera pans right as man passes. (Waorani 1983)
MWA interior of traditional hut with sloping roof, women and children sit in hammocks and a woman cooks over an open fire in the background, pan left to show fire with cast iron pots hanging above it. (Waorani 1983)
Hafting Stone Axe. CU of axe shaft being slotted by bone tool hit by stick. (Waorani 1983)
MS low angle shot. Waorani man rubs stick between his hands onto hardwood to make fire. Five Waorani children peer at tip of stick. (Waorani 1983)
MS Waorani girl grooming mothers hair. Picks louse and hands it to mother who eats it. Babies head visible in shot. Woman has red comb in hair. (Waorani 1983)
CU Waorani girl with red face paint being applied around her eyes. (Waorani 1983)
CU stone axe head chopping into tree trunk. (Waorani 1983)
Oblique aerial shot looking down on traditional hut in small forest clearing. (Waorani 1983)
Sideways tracking aerial shot of forest canopy. (Waorani 1983)
Archive black and white footage: Two white men in modern clothes with Waorani man between them walk away from camera towards plane. (Waorani 1983)
Archive black and white footage: Waorani man sits next to fire with white man who points at leaf. (Waorani 1983)
Archive black and white footage: Man in modern clothes wearing pith helmet crouching on log taking notes. Smoke blows through shot. (Waorani 1983)

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