John Waters


John Waters has been taking photographs for over 25 years. He is also an established wildlife film Producer/Cameraman with assignments that have taken him all over the world.

"Of the scores of countries that I've visited my personal favorites are Argentina, Iceland, Svalbard, Madagascar and Borneo. Naturally, I take stills wherever I go, although filming usually takes priority.
John Waters filming

Between trips at home – Somerset, England – is when I can devote more time to stills. I'm particularly interested in landscape history … the features and habitats produced as a result of the centuries-old struggle between Man and Nature."

John is currently building an archive of Super 16 mm film sequences comprising seasonal 'time-studies' at 30 locations in the West of England plus matching 35mm stills and also accompanying Super 16 mm 'time-lapse' footage.

John Waters filming Magellanic Penguin

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[Somerset, UK] [Argentina] [Madagascar]

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