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AERIAL Images of the World: UK, England, Scotland, Wales Africa, North America, Europe and South America

Aerial pictures of England

Adrian Warren and Dae Sasitorn have been building their aerial photographic archive of Britain since 2002 and now have many thousands of images, from Lands End to the northern tip of Shetland, encompassing landscapes, geology and geography, historical sites, coastal scenes, farming, villages, towns, cities, and urban development. Images are captured using medium format Hasselblad cameras, at the highest possible resolution using the latest 50-megapixel sensor technology, or fine grain film. These high quality images can be enlarged to spectacular sizes for exhibition or display, if needed.

The archive has formed the core of 24 books to date (LINK) and the BRITAIN FROM THE AIR exhibition (LINK) that is currently on display in the grounds of Bath Abbey, Bath, and will shortly be touring the country. Images in the archive have also been used as exhibition prints elsewhere, as prints, for books, calendars and greetings cards. Our clients are publishers, corporations, advertising agencies, art designers, museums, archaeologists, environmentalists, local authorities, architects, property developers, and private individuals.

In addition, Adrian Warren has spent many years travelling globally and the archive includes aerial images from Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, USA, Spain, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Borneo and Australia.




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